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Energy and Environmental Sustainability (EES) Design Guidelines

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The Energy and Environmental Sustainability team has created the EES Design Guidelines for new construction and major renovation projects.

The intent of this document is to ensure that Fraser Health, Providence Health Care, Provincial Health Services Authority, and Vancouver Coastal Health have new construction and major renovation projects which are built to the highest standard of human and environmental health within the financial constraints of the project.

These design guidelines are not meant to cover every aspect of sustainability in the context of health care; rather, the minimum requirements and best practices focus on building design decisions that impact health facilities’ sustainability and resilience, which, by extension, impact health service delivery and ultimately human health and wellness.

In addition, each project is completely different, and these design guidelines are meant as a reference or launching point to start the discussion on what design features are most appropriate for each facility in achieving the highest degree of environmental and occupant health and wellness.

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