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GreenCare Is Working. Together.

Green+Leaders Annual Report

Green+Leaders are staff volunteers who help create healthy workplaces and a healthy planet. Each year, they make a significant contribution to the improvement of the environmental performance of the Lower Mainland health organizations.

The Green+Leaders Annual Report describes the sustainability stories and engagement initiatives led by the Green+Leaders Network, and recognizes successes, challenges and future opportunities for environmental sustainability.

Environmental Performance Accountability Report

Developed by the GreenCare Energy and Environmental Sustainability team in close partnership with many health authority departments, this annual report tells the story of the four Lower Mainland health organizations’ environmental sustainability successes, challenges and future opportunities. It also highlights the need for action in our climate reality, and actions we can take together to advance our health-care system toward environmentally sustainable and resilient care for the health of people, place and planet.

Climate Change Accountability Report (formerly CNAR)

The Climate Change Accountability Report (CCAR), formerly known as the Carbon Neutral Action Report (CNAR), is an annual report through which all provincial public sector organizations (PSOs) publicly disclose details related to their achievement of carbon neutrality.

Providing a record of each PSO’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, offset purchases, and reduction plans and actions, the CCAR offers a valuable idea bank for organizations seeking to reduce their own energy use and carbon footprint.

GreenCare Staff Survey

Each year, the Energy and Environmental Sustainability team develops and distributes the GreenCare Survey (formerly known as both the Future of Environment in Healthcare Survey and the You and the Environment Survey) to staff of the four Lower Mainland health authorities.

The intention of this survey is to measure success of programs and initiatives, to understand staff knowledge of and priorities surrounding environmental issues, and to act as an engagement tool with staff and leadership.