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Develop plant-forward, local,
culturally relevant and equitable food
service to advance food as medicine.

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The concepts of “food as medicine” and “food as preventative medicine” are of growing interest in the health-care field, but Food is still a relatively new Focus Area, especially in terms of understanding how it intersects with environmental sustainability and social equity. With many different groups and departments involved in food services — including dietitians, population and public health, researchers, contracted food services providers, and, increasingly, physicians and sustainability teams — much work is happening. As we all continue to think about our roles in relation to food, together we can contribute to this important Focus Area.

Goals and impact

  • Develop plant-forward, local, sustainable, culturally relevant and equitable food service.
  • Plan, procure, produce and assemble in-patient meals in ways that are best for people, community and planet.
  • B.C. health authorities participate in FeedBC and reach 30% food expenditures from B.C. products, a goal all authorities have met or are close to meeting already.

Facilitation and support

Aubree McAtee

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainable Food Operations Committee

Chaired by Elaine Chu R.D., Manager, Food Operations at Royal Columbian Hospital

Lions Gate Hospital and Squamish General Hospital recognized for leadership in environmental sustainability

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