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Meet Stephan Malherbe. Stephan is Recycling Champion in the OR at BC Children’s Hospital. We chatted on the phone about his presentation to surgical staff titled “Operating Room Waste & Sustainable Anesthesia: A case for greening the OR”.

Q. Where should I dispose of soft plastic medical supply packaging at Lower Mainland hospitals and residential care facilities?

Saving energy and funds in Bella Bella with Passive House. Learn more >

Energy Specialist, Alan Lin

VCH's Interhospital Shuttle offers free work-related transportation between VCH, PHC and PHSA hospital worksites.

Get outdoors while being green

For the sixth year in a row, FH, VCH, PHC & PHSA are carbon neutral! Read the full reports here >

In Canada, an average family of four throws out nearly $1,500 per year in food waste!

Albert Csapo, Manager of the Medical Device Reprocessing Department discusses blue wrap and his department’s sustainable initiatives >

It's the moment you've all been waiting for...