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A state-of-the-art end-of-trip facility, with more than 170 indoor bicycle parking spots & more!

Innovative in design & process.

VCH will support existing EPP participants by offering a bridging program during the gap in time between the end of the EPP and the start of the Compass Card program (summer of 2014 or later).

Happy Holidays from all of us in the Energy and Environmental Sustainability (EES) team!

Information that may be helpful to help employees transition smoothly from Employer Pass Program (EPP).

The purpose of the audit was to monitor materials in the recycling bins and identify any medical and garbage contamination problems. Read on for info & the full report >

Convenient, available, low cost and the environmentally-minded choice. These are just a few of the characteristics of BC tap water, yet people still are purchasing and consuming bottled water with great frequency.

Do you know about the Metro Vancouver city bylaw that bans disposal of medications in the garbage? Are you part of the majority of the population in contravention of this bylaw?

Kathy Romses, a public health dietitian who works part time with Vancouver Coastal Health, took the challenge. Read her story here.

A project phasing-out paper delivery of clinical reports, estimates that by the end of 2014 we’ll be saving over 5M pages of paper per year!