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Waste Management Space Design Guidelines

The Waste Management Space Design Guidelines provide direction for the design of LMHO hospital and residential care spaces for health care waste disposal and storage.

The guidelines in no way replace design standards, codes and specifications. Rather, they serve as recommendations based on good practice and waste segregation and storage regulations.

All relevant stakeholder groups (e.g., clinical staff and Support Services Managers) should be consulted to provide confirmation of waste types and volumes generated with in their departments and programs.

The Guidelines are subject to change as information and practices evolve.

The document includes the following information about waste containers:

  • Recommended locations (divided into: units/sub-units; common areas - CSA; general)
  • Different types
  • Examples of set-up
  • Signage
  • Needs identification matrix
  • Definitions
  • Relevant standards

For more information please contact marianne.dawson@fraserhealth.ca


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