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Recycling Education

Below are a collection of educational resources that will help you better understand recycling in Lower Mainland hospitals and residential care sites:

  • Recycling and Waste Segregation Guide: gives information on where to dispose hospital waste
  • Separate your recyclables: explains why we must separate paper from containers
  • Why are there¬†limits to recycling in healthcare: helps staff understand why recycling is unique in healthcare
  • Actions to reduce contamination in recycling bins: 10 concrete actions for reducing contamination
  • What is a waste and recycling audit: helps staff understand why auditing is done and how
  • Waste Management Training:¬†all you need to know about Biomedical Waste, Garbage, Confidential and Recyclables.

For further education, the Waste Management Online Module for all PHSA, FH, VCH & PHC staff is available on the Learning Hub here.

If you have any questions at all, contact: marianne.dawson@fraserhealth.ca

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