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Mixed Containers

Accepted in the Mixed Containers* stream are:

  • Plastic and glass food containers
  • Plastic and glass water, juice and pop bottles
  • Plastic and glass bottles for dairy and dairy substitutes (e.g. soy milk)
  • Tetra Pak for dairy and dairy substitutes 
  • Bottles for soaps, sprays and cleaning solutions
  • Plastic cups for yogurt, other dairy and dairy substitutes
  • Aluminum and tin food cans, e.g. soup cans, tuna cans, bean cans, etc.
  • Aluminum cans for pop and juice
  • Tetra Pak for juice and other beverages
  • Cavi wipe containers
  • Bottles for sterile water and sodium chloride irrigation
  • Bottles for isotone/buffer solution
  • Plastic water cups
  • Plastic medication cups

For recycling bin stickers, lid stickers, or signs please contact your Housekeeping department

All containers must be empty, rinsed clean (when possible) and have their lids removed.
All patient identifiers must be removed.

*This stream was formerly named Rigid Plastics, Dairy and Tin. Regardless of the signage available at your site, all of the above items will be accepted.

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