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Mitigating the environmental impacts of anesthetic gases in Health Care

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Anesthetic gases are a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions from acute health-care facilities. Currently, there is no standardized measurement or monitoring of these emissions within British Columbia, or throughout the rest of Canada. Given that the carbon footprint of acute care settings are composed 5%-9% of  anesthetic gases, there is a need to better understand these emissions, their sources, and opportunities for mitigation at the health organization and facilities level.

In 2022, a UBC Sustainability Scholar, Alpamys Issanov, completed a baseline report and scan of anesthetic gas usage across acute sites within Fraser Health, PHC, PHSA, and VCH.

This report includes:

  • An analysis of emissions from different anesthetic gas types over time
  • A scan of existing anesthetic emissions mitigation initiatives throughout the health organization
  • Interviews with anesthesiologists.
  • Recommendations on next steps that the health organizations can take to reduce the environmental impacts of anesthetic gas usage

If you have any questions about this report or it’s outcomes, please contact