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Green Space and Biodiversity In Health Care: A Draft strategy for Fraser Health

Monarch butterfles Latin name Danaus plexippus

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Fostering biodiversity helps mitigate climate change impacts and supports healthy ecosystems, both of which have significant positive downstream implications for human health. Exposure and access to green spaces and biodiversity can be a non-medical intervention to benefit patient health by improving air quality, increasing sensory stimulation, improving mobility, increasing social connection, and contributing to mental health.

In the spring of 2023, SFU Master of Public Health students, Mica Green, Carolina Guerra, Martha Holt and Blaga Ivanova collaborated with Fraser Health (FH) on a capstone project to better understand the role a health system plays to support linkages with the natural environment and biodiversity.

While the report itself focuses on Fraser Health, the literature and recommendations are also applicable and relevant to other health care organizations.

Using an equity-centered design process with a focus on decolonization, conducting consultations, research scans, and key informant interviews the students produced a draft strategy document that provides recommendations for how FH can facilitate the incorporation of green spaces and biodiversity into health care facilities. These recommendations are divided into three categories:

1. Community engagement
2. Educational activities
3. Cost and benefit

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