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2022 Climate Change Accountability Report Vancouver Coastal Health

HOpe Centre: The Greta and Robert H.N. Ho Psychiatry and Education Centre

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Our 13th annual Climate Change Accountability Report (CCAR) explores strategies and achievements toward environmental sustainability and planetary health goals.

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) has emerged as a trailblazer in the healthcare sector, consistently reducing its carbon footprint despite significant growth in its facilities. By embracing a greener future, we are affirming VCH’s dedication to the health and well-being of both communities and the planet.

The report celebrates achievements including:

  • A reduction in carbon emissions by 10.9 per cent since 2007 — even with a notable 17.6 per cent growth in facility area. This reduction is equal to the energy consumption of 10,436 homes in a single year.
  • Achieving annual carbon savings of over 2,925 tonnes through four dedicated capital emission reduction projects, which is equivalent to removing nearly 900 passenger vehicles from the roads.
  • Investing in carbon offsets amounting to $1,168,309, ensuring its carbon neutrality in alignment with environmental regulations.

Beyond reducing energy consumption, we are also embracing many other sustainable practices including transitioning our fleet to electric vehicles and procuring post-consumer recycled paper.

Download Vancouver Coastal Health’s 2022 Climate Change Accountability Report to delve deeper into our progress and success stories in tackling climate change.