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2021 Climate Change Accountability Report Fraser Health

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This marks the 12th consecutive year Fraser Health have achieved carbon neutrality as part of the Province of British Columbia’s public sector commitment to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The health care system is a significant contributor to emissions, and as such, we must do everything we can to mitigate further climate change and adapt our systems and people for the changes that are inevitable

Fraser Health’s total greenhouse gas emissions in 2021 were 41,203 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, a 3.4 percent increase from 39,862 tonnes in 2020. The increase in carbon emission was primarily due to actions we took to respond to the pandemic such as increasing fresh air ventilation to our sites; and climate-related events such as the heat dome, heavy rainfall and extended cold weather, which increased demands on our heating and cooling systems.

In order to balance these emissions, we purchased carbon offsets from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy at a total cost of $1,034,400.