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To create greater dialogue and connection with co-workers around the principles of sustainability.

To change workplace behaviour to ensure that electronic devices and other equipment are unplugged when not in use. 

To reduce Lower Mainland Health Authority electricity use, and to foster a workplace culture where everyone turns off lights, computers and other electronic equipment when not in use.

To implement best practices for print procedures in order to reduce Lower Mainland Health Authority electricity consumption. 

To reduce Lower Mainland Health Authority electricity use by updating computer power settings within each department.

To encourage interest among coworkers in active transportation for their work commute or as a recreational activity To build capacity amongst coworkers and create momentum for culture change

Health Authority worksites are dispersed around the province. Some employees need to travel between different sites for work related duties or meetings.

To eliminate the use of bottled water coolers in facilities throughout the Lower Mainland Health Authorities and encouraging a return to tap water.

Applicable for Green+Leaders at health authority-owned sites, the objective of this toolkit is to improve the efficacy of the standardized recycling system.