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To encourage staff in your department / unit to use reusable containers for beverages and food instead of single-use disposable containers. 

How does design contribute to human health and social connectedness? How does design contribute to cost savings and environmental health? Find out in the newly updated Healthy Built Environment Toolkit.

Do you regularly travel between worksites or off-site for meetings? Did you know that you have a number of options that are cleaner, more sustainable and better for the environment?

Improve / expand an existing recycling program at a leased site & ensure positive uptake.


Since it began more than 40 years ago, Earth Day is now celebrated by millions of people around the world. This toolkit provides ideas for activities and resources you can share with coworkers on or around April 22.

Introduce a new recycling program at a leased site and ensure positive and long-lasting uptake!


Changing our transportation habits can go a long way towards reducing climate-altering greenhouse gases and improving the air quality in our region. This toolkit provides an overview of the many ways that Green+Leaders can engage coworkers in active and clean transportation choices. 


To minimize the amount of materials and waste generated at an event.

To decrease the amount of paper used by eliminating the practice of printing out documents instead of saving them and filing them in electronic format.

Create greater dialogue and encourage reflection on the impacts of consumer culture.