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Join the Green+Leaders: A Community of Sustainable Health Care Change Agents

Are you looking for tools, ideas and collaborators to green your workplace?

The Green+Leaders Program is open to all employees who want to be part of this change-making community across the Lower Mainland Health Organizations.

From improved recycling, to patio gardens, to Earth Day nature challenges, and much more, the Green+Leaders work in many ways to have a positive impact on the planet and their workplace.

Together, they empower change.

Program participants receive leadership training and toolkits, plus access to fun and engaging events to connect with like-minded colleagues.

Registration is open to all employees who want to make a difference when it comes to topics like waste reduction, smart energy, clean transportation options and more.

Here’s what some Green+Leaders have said about their experience.

“I like being a part of a group who passionately wants to make a difference so we can all live in a better healthier environment …”

"I like knowing that, even in a small way, I am helping to curb environmental changes for future generations. We have greatly improved recycling practices in our facility, just in the past 4 years, which I am very proud of.”

To learn more about the Green+Leaders Program, please click here. For other questions, please contact Aubree McAtee, Sustainability Consultant and Green+Leaders Program Lead, at aubree.mcatee@fraserhealth.ca