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Carpooling has a big impact!

Carpooling eases traffic congestion and reduces greenhouse emissions. On average, sharing a ride with one other person to work and back will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3.72 kilograms (Source: Transport Canada). If you were to share a ride all year long, together you would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 893 kilograms. With (hopefully!) good conversation to boot.


Transportation sector: Quick Facts

The transportation sector in Canada is a significant emitter of GHGs. According to a report from Environment Canada, in 2007 transportation was responsible for 27% (200,000 kt of CO2 eq) of the total GHG emissions (747,000 kt of CO2 eq). Road transportation accounted for 69% (137,000 kt of CO2 eq) of the GHG emissions within the sector. 

Globally, the road transport sector is responsible for 74% of global CO2 emissions, while aviation, shipping and railways account for 12%, 10%, and 4% of transportation emissions respectively. Does it make sense that the large majority of people commute to work on their own?

Carpooling / Rideshare: Quick Facts 

Carpooling can relatively increase parking space availability, get you faster to your destination using the high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane, contribute to saving money and build good relationships.

Jack Bell Ride Share offers a great service that allows you to mix-and-match your ride requests to suit your needs. When you sign-up (for free), you enter your organization (FH, PHSA, PHC and VCH are all listed in the drop-down menu) and then you enter your commute, the time you want to arrive / leave work, whether you want to travel with someone from your organization... and the site will help you find a ride-share.


Jack Bell Ride-Share Online Database will find matches for you

These matches might be with other commuters, so you can travel together in one of your own personal vehicles; or, these matches might be with one of their vanpools. Also, they use the database to create new vanpool groups, so go ahead and register so we they can help serve you better.

Two Ways To Ride-Share: (1) Casual, Or (2) Formal

  1. Casual Ride-Share: This is ideally suited to a commuter who has a varied work schedule and who is looking to ride-share anywhere from 1-5 days per week. With casual ride-sharing, you use your own car, or someone else's car and work out your own cost-sharing arrangment. More Info here >>
  2. Formal Ride-Share: This is ideally suited to a commuter who has a fixed work schedule from M-F and is traveling at least 15km from home to work. With formal ride-sharing, you ride/drive in one of our vanpool fleet vehicles and pay a monthly fare based on the number of total kilometres the vehicle travels. There are no long-term contracts to sign and if your situation changes, you only have to give 30 days notice that you are leaving the vanpool. More Info here >>

More Information / How To Join?

To learn how you can share a ride and join your colleagues and other thousands of drivers and riders from all over Metro Vancouver and British Columbia, please click on the Jack Bell logo above, or READ THE FAQ's on the Jack Bell site: online.ride-share.com/en/my/faq.php

Share your stories and tips, or ask a question.

Do you rideshare? Do you have information, or tips to share. Please leave a comment or question in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.