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Zeroing in on Sustainable Health Care

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For Green+Leaders, attending events like the Zero Waste Conference is more than just a learning opportunity; it’s a chance to contribute to the advancement of planetary health and environmental stewardship within their health organizations. Being among fellow sustainability visionaries, innovators, and thought leaders is a reminder that everyone can be part of the solution.

Marianne Dawson (EES), with Green+Leaders Gigi Wong, Doreen Sharan, Suhaila Jaafar, De-Ann Chan, Natalie Varga, Katy Chandler and Theresa Khosrovi
Marianne Dawson (EES), with Green+Leaders Gigi Wong, Doreen Sharan, Suhaila Jaafar, De-Ann Chan, Natalie Varga, Katy Chandler and Theresa Khosrovi

For the 2023 event, seven environmentally conscious leaders in health care — namely Katy Chandler, Doreen Sharan, Theresa Khosrovi, Suhaila Jaafar, Natalie Varga, Gigi Wong, and De-Ann Chan — were given the opportunity to attend, with their tickets funded via the Green+ Leaders program. A call in the  summer 2023 Green+Leaders newsletter asked interested individuals across all four health authorities to express their interest in attending. Seven individuals responded, showcasing their remarkable commitment to sustainability. As a result, the program funded all seven applicants.


The conference — which included presentations, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities — drew in professionals, practitioners, academics, and government representatives from around the world. The conference’s theme was “Climate Action through Circularity,” diving deep into circular economy and regenerative principles to drive climate action.

After the event, the Green+ Leaders were surveyed about their experience. About their overall experience, most remarked that they felt a newfound optimism in their ability to make a difference at every level. The conference motivated them to promote environmentally friendly practices and advocate for small changes within their teams — positive changes that can cascade across departments and teams. For Doreen a key takeaway was that she didn’t need to do “a grand, big project” to help the environment. “A small project can make a big impact. That decreased my anxiety about what I can do to contribute.”

All the attending Green+ Leaders took away ideas that they wanted to apply in their work and personal lives. After the conference, Suhaila put up posters and signage with reminders about energy conservation and recycling. Katy is imagining a systemic approach: “I’m re-thinking the design of everything to enable a circular system instead of a linear one. ”When asked what practices or strategies gained from the conference she would apply at work, Theresa said there were “too many to list!”

As with most professional conferences, some of the most valuable learning and connections happen outside the official program. “I loved this conference!” says Natalie. “I really enjoyed connecting with other healthcare leaders in this space and hearing about the initiatives that they were leading in order to make more sustainable changes.” Gigi expanded her already established network and planted the seeds for a few potential future collaborations.

For these Green+Leaders, the Zero Waste Conference wasn’t just a two-day event; it was a catalyst for change within their roles and an important opportunity to expand their network of collaborators and co-conspirators. Armed with insights, strategies, and a network of like-minded individuals, they are set to be leaders among Green+Leaders.