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Recycling Program

How do we recycle in our health care facilities?

In our owned lower mainland hospital and residential care sites, there's a lot we can recycle!

  • Blue Bin recycling
  • Organics
  • Batteries
  • Electronics waste
  • Styrofoam and shrink wrap (select sites)


The Blue Bin Program

In 2010, the Lower Mainland Health Organizations initiated a standardized recycling program for all owned hospital and residential care sites with the objective of reducing health care waste and improving human and environmental health in the region.  Today, all owned health care sites have the Blue Bin Program

Click on each poster to learn more about each stream.


Click the poster to see specific examples of what can and can't be recycled.


Purchase more bins or stickers for your recycling stations with the Recycling Equipment Catalogue


The Organics Program

Organics recycling is currently implemented in cafeterias and kitchens and is optional for staff areas.  This program is managed by Business Initiatives and Support Services.



What are we trying to achieve?


1. Work towards becoming a Zero Waste system

We have aligned waste diversion goals with Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste targets. The ultimate goal is a health care system that significantly reduces waste and fully optimizes avoidance, reduction, reuse, and recycle strategies. 

2. Make Recycling Easy and Accessible
The standardized and recognizable program means it's easier for staff, physicians, patients, volunteers and visitors to recycle properly. Clear signage attached to each bin reduces confusion and error. 


By 2020, increase waste diversion rates at existing acute and residential care sites to 50%.



How Are We Doing?

The graphs below show waste diversion rate trends for each lower mainland health organization over the past 5 years.  Diversion rates are calculated using collection data from organics, mixed recyclables, and non-hazardous garbage from acute and residential sites owned by the health organization.  Data is provided by Business Initiatives and Support Services.


How can you get involved?

Here are three ways you can contribute at your health care site:

Get Informed

Visit our Zero Waste resources section for lots of great recycling resources. Do not hesitate to ask questions - we love to see staff, physicians and volunteers interested and involved in our programs.





Get Active

Go above and beyond by hanging extra signs around your work spaces to spread awareness, or host fun recycling challenges with team targets.





Inspire Others

Become a role model and inspire change. Join the Green+Leader program and get you and your colleagues motivated to engage in environmental behaviours at work.

You will be joining a strong community of like-minded individuals and fulfill meaningful sustainability roles within your organization. Visit the Green+Leaders program page on our website to get involved.