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Welcome to the Green+Leaders Network!

The Green+Leaders (G+L) Network is a collection of engaged staff volunteers who help create healthy workplaces on a healthy planet by improving environmental performance of health care operations across the Lower Mainland Health Organizations (LMHOs). 

What do Green+Leaders Do?

  • Act as role models for environmental sustainability
  • Encourage behaviour change among their coworkers
  • Help improve processes and create a culture of environmental health and wellness throughout
    the organ
  • Network, share ideas and learn from each other on ways to advance sustainability in the workplace! 

Green+Leaders Benefit From:

  • Training, tools and leadership development
  • A supportive community of like-minded colleagues
  • Participation in inspiring and educational events
  • A chance to have a positive impact on their workplace and their community
  • A fun and interactive network! :)


(Green+Leaders at one of two 2019 Recognition Luncheons that are held each year)

So How Does it Work?

There are more than 250 Green+Leaders working in all areas of health care, across the four Lower Mainland Health Organizations.

The Green+Leaders program focuses on behaviour change campaigns in four key areas:

  • Active & Clean Transportation
  • Smart Energy & Water
  • Workplace Leadership
  • Zero Waste & Toxicity

Green+Leader activities include:

  • Modeling new behaviours for others to adopt
  • Providing colleagues with information and support for sustainability initiatives
  • Posting prompts in the workplace, such as posters and stickers, to help create sustainable habits
  • Helping co-workers to identify green alternatives

From September to June, Green+Leaders have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Training & Orientation Sessions
  • Peer Learning Check-Ins
  • Coaching Sessions
  • Educational Lunch & Learns
  • Annual Recognition Summits, and more!

Environmental Sustainability & Health Care

Green+Leaders are integral to the ongoing commitment of each health organization to take responsibility for the environmental impact of the health sector in British Columbia. Read the sustainabiltiy policies here.

Interested in Becoming a Green+Leader? 

Simply complete the registration form linked below and click submit! It's as easy as that! If you would prefer to have a registration form emailed to you, please contact aubree.mcatee@fraserhealth.ca.  

>> Green+Leaders Registration Form

Click below to find a range of toolkits and resources to help advance sustainability in the workplace


Workplace Leadership (Formerly Culture Change)

Zero Waste & Toxicity

Healthy Land and Food

Regenerative Design

Transparent Reporting

Zero Toxicity

Active & Clean Transportation

Water Conservation & Restoration

Energy Conservation & Climate Neutral