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Active Transportation

Commuter Services  

The Lower Mainland Health Care Organizations encourage employees to use active and sustainable transportation modes.  Commuter Services programs include walking, cycling, public transit use, shuttle use, carpooling, carsharing and electric vehicle use.  

By choosing one or a combination of these transportation modes, you help reduce road congestion and parking demand, help clean the air, cut down on stress and potentially get some great exercise.  Your participation in one or more of these programs will help us meet these goals.

Your Transportation Options

Please check your options below by clicking on the icon or text below to see how you can participate in our "green" initiatives and reap the benefits of your cleaner and healthier transportation choices. Your commute-to-work options can also be used for your work-related travel.

Walk to Work Cycle to Work Take Public Transit Take the Shuttle
Carpool / Rideshare Carshare Drive an Electric Vehicle Park and Ride

Interested in a green commute? 

Click on the icons above to get more information on commute-to-work options.

Want to get involved?

Join our Bike, Walk, Ride Group to stay up-to-date on events, announcements and campaigns!