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PHSA Commuter of the Year!

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Congratulations Kim Steger: project coordinator, Accreditation & Patient Experience, Provincial Health Services Authority!

Quiet achiever

Kim’s Commuter or the Year nomination was listed in the category of Quiet Achiever and included this inspiring claim:

“She models the way by demonstrating the simplicity of commuting with her two young sons through her organization and creativity. … She literally mobilizes not only her sons, but inspires our whole department to walk, ride and use transit more. … we all talk about her about how good she is and ask her for guidance in terms of bike lock up, routes and tips!”

From Kim:

“I started cycling to work 12 years ago. I was inspired by seeing other commuters and thought, ‘Why not me?’ I love the fitness, getting outside and saving money. I most like the ability to go where I want to go when I want to go, and be in control of my schedule. If I didn’t bike, I’d be on transit and dealing with waiting, transfers and frequent stops.

“I’m fortunate that we have a secure bike room, showers and a locker room to get changed and ready for work. The bike room gets pretty crowded some mornings, especially in the summer months. I’m hoping that the facilities will expand as the need grows. Also, if the lockers were assigned, then it would be easier to store personal items like shampoo or a towel.

“I believe I’ve inspired others to ‘greener’ action — we often walk or take the bus or SkyTrain to meetings or workshops. I inspired my supervisor to switch from driving to taking transit when we moved sites (The challenges with parking might have helped, too.).

“Over the past few years, I’ve noticed more people participating in the Clean Commuter Challenge. It seems like we are slowly developing a critical mass, and it’s making a difference. I really like to bike to work, and if we wanted to get even more people to bike, it would be great if there were more supporting resources to help with the nuts and bolts of cycling logistics and safety.

“My bike commuting tip is making it a habit. Each morning I’ve planned it so that I don’t give myself a choice about how I’m going to get to work. It’s one less decision I have to make in the morning and it’s the same as the choice to bring my lunch every day. Like lunch, I try to pack my stuff the night before. I’m flexible when necessary, of course, but variations are the exception rather than the rule.

“Other than that, I’d suggest that a new cyclist make a small investment to get the gear so they will be comfortable in all weather—a good jacket, rain pants and a pannier.”

Congratulations Kim!

Who else is going to participate in the Clean Commuter Challenge this year? It takes place between May 25 and June 14, and can lead to increased fitness, more friends at work and adopting a year-round cycling commute to work. … or so we’ve heard!