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Providence Health Care Commuter of the Year!

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Congratulations Melodie Yong: change & communications lead, Transcription Services Project, Lower Mainland Health Information Management, Providence Health Care.

Melodie’s three Commuter of the Year nominations listed her in the category of Long-Time GreenCare Commuter of the Year and included these inspiring claims:
“She always looks super refreshed from her morning commute session and always arrives with a smile on her face!” and “I know she has a car but I do not recall her ever actually using it!”

From Melodie

“I love so many things about cycling to work; I can’t stand to waste money and cycling is the lowest-cost option which has even helped my family save money over the years. As a busy mom, I like the multi-tasking of getting my exercise while commuting. It is more time efficient than taking the bus and I’ve even biked quicker from St. Paul’s to the Cancer Agency than my car-driving colleagues. Also, I like that I don’t need to charge my employer for mileage or parking. And, I like how it makes me feel: I get to plan my own time, I can go when I want to go, and I always arrive refreshed!

“The culture around my colleagues is very supportive of cycling — from showing up to a meeting in bike clothes to the showers to secure bike parking at my site and the expanded bike cage at St. Paul’s.

“People see me arriving by bike, and I’m keen to tell them it’s doable: it’s easy! Just like encouraging people to take the stairs, or get off the bus a few stops early to add some physical activity to their day. I’ve encouraged a few colleagues to start bike commuting by just starting with one day per week. Start slow!

“I’m always listening for someone who is already thinking about bike commuting. I will tell that person how much I love it, and then I encourage them to go out on the weekend and give it a try: time it, try different routes to see which one makes you feel more safe and comfortable. it’s totally doable and a lot of fun. With the great bike paths we have in our city, there are always a number of ways to get to your destination.

“I would love to have some quick bike clinics that could teach me how to change a flat tire in 10 minutes! Or a safety check-up outlining what to look for and how often the different components of a bike should be changed. I even think that new cyclists would benefit from a quick session on ‘what to look for in selecting a bike and easy tips on how to make the most of your commute (e.g. What’s the best rain gear to get? Most secure locks? etc.)’

“My bike commuting tip is that there’s always a safe way to bike to where you are going. It might take a bit longer to choose that safer route, but that’s when you enjoy how you get to see so much more of your community than when you are in a car. It’s about the journey! Take time to stop and smell the cherry blossoms.”