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Patio Gardens an Integral Part of Three Bridges Staff Wellness

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Image: (left to right) Three Bridges Community Health Centre staff: Kathy Griffiths, Florence Cajiuat, Anne Carten, June Wyse, Susan Bird, Tannis Weber, and Aliya Dhanani.

Grow your own!

Summer is here, and the Infant Child and Youth team at Three Bridges CHC are enjoying the “fruits” of their labour with the patio gardens in full bloom. They are enjoying such edible produce as peas, squash, tomatoes, strawberries, garlic, and a variety of herbs: basil, oregano, mint and parsley.

Teamwork and a greater vision

It began in the spring with a team-building day consisting of touring some of their local community gardens. The gardens that they saw came about as a result of a growing movement of people who have a different vision for the local food system — a vision that includes access to local, sustainably produced food.

They learned about the importance of connecting to the local food system. Each team member contributed a plant that was added to our gardens and a watering schedule was put in place.

Urban agriculture

They acknowledge that food is essential to life and health, and they all know that eating a healthy diet is a key factor in healthy growth and disease prevention. But living in an urban centre, many are feeling increasingly disconnected from our food sources.

What’s your relationship to the food you eat?

How many of us grew up eating food from a family garden?

Or maybe you grew up eating the majority of your food from a family garden?

What is your favourite memory?

One of the staff at the Three Bridges Community Health Centre recounts the story of picking a carrot, wiping it on her jeans or the grass, and eating it right there. She says she can still remember the sweet, crunchy taste. … Now, do we even know where your food comes from?

In Vancouver we are lucky, as there are a number of ways to support the local food system. You can:

 As you enjoy the warmth and sunshine of summertime, we encourage you to think about what local food means to you and if there is a way you would like to get more involved.