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Ozone Systems for Hospital Laundry

Shiho Ikegami, Linen and Laundry Attendant, and Patrick Hill, Coordinator, Logistics, Mount Saint Joseph Hospital, Holy Family and Long Term Care Sites.

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Original story submitted to PHC Connect (internal newsletter) by Erick Nguyen, Contract Manager, Support Services at Providence Health Care.

While we may not give it a lot of thought, clean, sanitized laundry is an essential part of delivering effective patient and resident care every day at Providence Health Care (PHC).

Beginning in 2021, PHC was searching for new options that would both increase quality (cleaner, softer laundry) and improve our sustainability (less energy and water use). After a pilot of an Ozone laundry system at St. Vincent’s Langara, the benefits of Ozone were obvious.

We’ve diligently made the switch to Ozone at all of our Long Term Care facilities from Sep 2021 to Nov 2023. At St. Paul’s Hospital, we have one Ozone machine in use to launder mops and rags.

Ozone Generator for Hospital Laundry.

Why Ozone?

An Ozone Laundry System has a long list of benefits…

  • Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and superbugs
  • Uses cold water, which reduces or eliminates the need for hot water and reduces energy from heating by ~85%
  • Shortens dry times due to reduction of chemical deposits in the fabric; water can release faster in the washer extraction phase and the dryer
  • Extends fabric life with materials lasting ~20% longer, which reduces replacement costs and waste
  • Saves costs due to less spent on energy, detergent, replacement of linens
  • Saves water by eliminating the need for multiple washings in hot water for heavily soiled materials.
  • AND it actually gets our laundry cleaner- brighter, softer and better smelling!


How does it work?

Ozone laundry is a water treatment system that uses ultraviolet bulbs to create ozone (O3), a naturally occurring powerful oxidizing agent. The ozone is infused with cold water pre-cycle, which supercharges the water and detergents, creating a very inhospitable environment for molds, bacteria and other organic materials.


What now?

There is only one more washer within PHC that doesn’t utilize Ozone technology, and we are hoping to have it enabled this year! PHC Support Services have been sharing their learnings with others in the province to promote the switch to ozone and expand our collective impact. Ozone laundry is one more way we are taking steps towards reducing healthcare’s footprint on the environment while saving costs and improving the quality of services we deliver to patients and residents.


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