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Illuminating Progress

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Queen’s Park Care Centre shines with a lighting upgrade

For years, New Westminster’s Queen’s Park Care Centre (QPCC) relied on old fluorescent lighting. The facility, constructed sometime in the 1970s, serves the community by offering rehabilitation, day programs and long-term care services for seniors. Despite catering to a demographic for whom lighting is crucial, Russell Carlin, a seasoned electrician within Fraser Health, recalls, “It could be dark in the building, and the lights weren’t energy efficient.”

A lighting audit by the Fraser Health’s Energy Team in 2016 revealed upgrade opportunities at the facility. This led to partial upgrades in the front lobby, hallways and stairs the following year. In 2023, the care centre was selected for a full lighting overhaul.

The project started in January and took about 12 months. Russell estimates that his team removed approximately 1,000 old lights, which were recycled, and replaced them with 800 energy-efficient LEDs.

The Facilities Management and Operations team (FMO) worked closely with the site’s staff and residents to ensure a smooth upgrade. Open communication between FMO and everyone involved strengthened cooperation during the project and helped build stronger bonds within the QPCC community.

Staff really appreciated the new lighting right away. It improved visibility for the nurses who dispense medication from carts in the hallways,” Russell notes.

The upgrade was also a boon for FMO staff who no longer need a backup flashlight to work in the site’s machine rooms. Overall, both staff and residents emerged as “happy customers,” says Jeson Mak, Energy and Emissions Manager for Fraser Health.

As well, the upgrade has an estimated 57 per cent reduction in lighting energy, saving approximately 148,000 kWh annually, which is equivalent to the electricity usage of 13 homes.

With the Queen’s Park Care Centre now bathed in bright light, a new chapter unfolds — one characterized by energy efficiency and a reinvigorated sense of community spirit. The future looks brighter for this cherished site.