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Green Cleaning Initiatives

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Crothall Healthcare has been hard at work on several green initiatives in Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health Care facilities. As a housekeeping service provider, Crothall Healthcare is tackling sustainability projects that will provide practical operational solutions.

Paper towel optimization

Crothall staff are replacing existing paper towel dispensers with new models that control dispensing more effectively. Benefits will include a reduction in paper towel waste and costs, an increase in dispensing capacity and ease of cleaning, and less risk of cross-contamination or infection. The project has already been implemented at Dogwood Lodge and UBC Hospital. Based on savings seen at Dogwood Lodge and UBC, the estimated annual savings for all VCH and Providence sites is 20,500 pounds of paper waste diverted from landfills.

Aqueous ozone

Crothall staff are exploring aqueous ozone as a safer and more environmentally sustainable alternative to chemical cleaners and deodorizers. Aqueous ozone uses a technology that infuses oxygen and electricity into tap water, creating a solution that can be used to sanitize hospital surfaces. VCH’s Infection Control department has tested the technology and approved the solution for all general purpose cleaning within the hospitals. This will result in roughly 75% of all chemical cleaners being replaced by the aqueous ozone solution in VCH and Providence sites.

LEED certification contribution

Facilities seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification must address green cleaning standards in the indoor environmental quality section of the LEED rating system. Crothall Healthcare has created a document summarizing each cleaning product’s green certifications and a checklist for the associated LEED points. These tools allow health organization staff to easily understand how specific housekeeping services and products will affect the facility’s LEED eligibility.