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Energy Conservation & Climate Neutral

The energy we use today has an environmental impact on climate change. We depend on energy for almost everything in our lives. Embracing an energy efficient lifestyle today will help you get a better life tomorrow. So let us slow down the demand for energy and give a better future for our coming generation.

Over 95% of the reported Greenhouse Gas emissions come from our buildings within the Lower Mainland Health Authorities and our annual cost to operate our buildings is over $35 Million! As one of the most energy intensive sectors, we have an intensified need to reduce our energy consumption and our reliance on fossil fuels.


Achieve climate neutral operations through energy conservation and efficiency, low carbon supply, and the purchase of carbon offsets.

1. Reduce Energy Use Intensity (EUI) of the core sites by 12% - 15% by 2020 (relative to a 2007 baseline)

2. Reduce carbon emissions by 33% by 2020 (relative to a 2007 baseline)

3. All new construction projects to be designed to achieve a specific Energy Use Intensity (EUI) target

Priority actions 

Energy conservation and carbon neutrality through:

a. Existing building optimization and upgrades

b. Awareness and education campaigns 

c. Energy efficiency standards and policies 

d. Energy efficient design for new construction and renovations 

e. Energy efficient and low carbon supply through district energy 

f. On-site renewable energy generation

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