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Active & Clean Transportation

Air pollution is a major contributor to a degradation of human and environmental health. Pollution from vehicle usage is a negative impact on regional human and environmental health.

Within the context of health care, Active & Clean Transportation will encompass any form of travel in which an individual actively pursues transportation alternative to single occupancy vehicle use. This means transit, car-pooling, and the shuttle service will be included within this topic area.



Make walking, cycling, car pooling, and public transit the preferred transportation and commuting options for LM Health Organizations Staff. Where applicable, make the shuttle service a preferred transportation between sites.

Targets for TDM mode-share for Lower Mainland Health Care Organizations (LMHCO) staff by 2020:

  • 15% of LMHO staff choose to WALK  for their primary commute;
  • 6% of LMHO staff choose to CYCLE for their primary commute;
  • 17% of LMHO staff choose PUBLIC TRANSIT for their primary commute; &
  • 17% of LMHO staff choose to RIDE-SHARE for their primary commute.
Priority actions 


  • Influence TDM decision-making re: site developments (liaise regularly with FM dept.)
  • Evaluate Emergency Ride Home program options.
  • Work to secure and align funding.


  • Promote walking programs and liaise with external / internal partners.
  • Improve pedestrian access at acute sites.


  • Increase surrey shuttle ridership.


  • Investigate options and pilot a carpool program by 2016.


  • VCH continue EPP bridge program.
  • Promote transit in partnership with Translink.
  • Promote and support healthy transportation options in Translink Referendum.


  • Expand Bikapalooza.
  • Build another cycling centre (determine feasibility first)
  • Examine needs for access cards to bike cages
  • From staff perspective, align Clean Commuter Challenge with Bike to work week.
  • Expand basic infrastructure for cyclists ops
  • Expand resources for bike workshops and repairs.


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