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How we Work: greenwork's strategic Frame Work

Sustainable Health Care

Our Vision, Our Strategy

The GreenCare vision of Transforming Health Care for a Thriving Environment – to help people and environments achieve health and wellness, and ensure the individuals and organizations involved are healthy/efficient with the lowest environmental impact.

The GreenCare strategic framework is a long-term, integrated sustainability plan that includes 5 focus areas, 7 distinct programs, 12 clear targets to measure success, and a platform on which to partner and align resources.

The strategic framework recognizes health care’s collective responsibility to build a healthy environment and encourages all internal departments/staff and key external stakeholders to work together to accomplish a culture of conservation.

Where do you fit in the GreenCare Strategic Framework? What role do you play in ensuring the healthiest health care system with the smallest environmental impact? We ALL have a part to play.

Our Programs / Initiatives

Our programs and initiatives