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EV Chargers Are Coming Across VCH This Fall

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Original story posted on oneVCH.

Every year on Earth Day, April 22, people around the world gather to raise awareness about protecting our planet’s natural resources now, and for future generations.

This Earth Day we are thrilled to share some exciting news: After a successful pilot at Richmond Hospital, we are taking another step forward in sustainability and installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across VCH.

To support staff who have already made the transition to electric vehicles, we are installing 24 electric charging stations (16 Level 2 chargers and eight Level 3 chargers) across Vancouver General (including G.F. Strong); Lions Gate; Squamish; Sechelt; and qathet General Hospitals.

When is construction happening?

  • Construction began at Vancouver General and Lions Gate Hospitals in February.
  • F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre: April 2023.
  • Squamish General and Sechelt General Hospitals: May 2023.
  • qathet General Hospital: June 2023.

Keep an eye out for the operational memo with construction information for your site.

When will the chargers be installed?

Installations will begin in September and are expected to be completed in November 2023.

Who will have access to the chargers?

Charging stations will be available to staff, medical staff and visitors.

How much will charging cost?

There are no fees to use the Level 2 chargers. There will be a nominal fee ($0.15 per minute) to use Level 3 chargers.

Any questions about the upcoming EV charging stations can be directed to

Haven’t transitioned to an electric vehicle yet, but are being more mindful about your environmental impact? VCH has plenty of other active transport options for staff. Check out Commuting options ( for more information.