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Carshare + Discounts

The Lower Mainland Health Care Organizations have partnered with three major carshare organizations in the lower mainland as part of its clean energy transportation initiative. Employees are encouraged to carshare and enjoy the many benefits it offers. 

What is Carsharing?

Carsharing is an accessible and convenient model of car rental where you rent cars for short periods of time. It provides communal access to a fleet of vehicles.

What are the Benefits of Carsharing?

It reduces the number of vehicles (more importantly single occupancy vehicles) on the road, thereby reducing harmful air emissions into the environment. (Carsharing can reduce car ownership at an estimated rate of one rental car replacing 15 owned vehicles according to The Economist publication as referenced in Wikipedia.) It saves you the high cost of owning and maintaining a car and an expensive annual insurance bill. Vehicles are easily accessible in residential neighbourhoods, and booking is fast and simple and can be done either on-line or by phone. Carshare allows you to park in residence permit only zones where privately owned cars are not authorized. It saves you money from paying parking fees when parked at permit only zone or carshare designated home areas without having to worry about paying parking fines.

How to be a Member of Carshare Organizations?

Currently, there are four major carsharing organizations in the lower mainland.

Car2go has 300+ free-floating, low-emission, self-service smart for-two cars distributed all over the City of Vancouver and central parts of North Vancouver.

Evo has 100% hybrid fleet comes with bike and ski racks, so you can enjoy everything BC has to offer.

Modo is your only local member-owned carshare service with over 700+ cars, SUVs, trucks and hybrids starting at $5/hour across the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and the Okanagan. Join Modo via Generation Squeeze and receive $50 worth of free driving credits.

Zipcar provides a fleet of different types of vehicle from cargo vans to hybrid to premium cars located strategically in the City of Vancouver and central parts of North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and New Westminster. 

What is the Best Carshare Option For Me?

Please check the carshare comparison to see what membership is best for you.