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In 2010, the Energy and Environmental Sustainability (EES) team was created to ensure a collaborative energy and environmental sustainability approach that systematically embeds environmental, economic, and social sustainability policies, principles, and processes across the four Lower Mainland health care organizations. In partnership with many other groups, the EES team integrates and enhances sustainability infrastructure and practices in a variety of programs. Its overall mission is to upgrade infrastructure, raise awareness of and build capacity for sustainability practices in health care, foster collaborations, and educate, engage, and inspire participation in a variety of areas for a thriving, healthy environment.

Formed when the Government of British Columbia consolidated facilities management service for the four Lower Mainland health organizations (Fraser Health Authority, Provincial Health Services Authority, Providence Health Care, and Vancouver Coastal Health) the EES team originally comprised seven people. The team now features 15 individuals who draw from their backgrounds in engineering; environmental education, communications, and strategic engagement; finance and business administration; and energy management and renewable energy solutions to contribute to environmental sustainability in order to make meaningful contributions to the community. 

Over the past nine years, the EES team has made health and wellness central to its work. In recognizing the connection between environmental sustainability and health promotion and illness prevention, the EES team recognizes that healthy communities, healthy workplaces, and a healthy environment are linked, and environmental sustainability is essential to the health of staff, patient care, the health care system, and an overall healthy population. 

EES work is not without challenges, including understanding and reconciling competing priorities in health care. For example, quality patient care and efforts to reduce infections can have an impact on the environment, so the EES team must find ways to identify, promote, and realize the environmental co-benefits of health care design and operations, without compromising patient care. To this end, EES is focused on the following priorities:

  • Change management through the support of Green+Leaders (engaged staff members)
  • Climate resilience through the adaptation of infrastructure
  • A partnership approach that embraces greater integration with other support services departments and teams (e.g. facility and clinical planners/designers, infection control teams, workplace health and safety, supply chain and contract services) 

Despite continuing efforts by the Province to improve regulations and update climate change legislation, and an increased awareness around climate change, given our climate reality, there is still much work to be done to increase environmental sustainability within our health care system. The EES team is proud of its achievements to date, and proud of Lower Mainland Health Care Organizations and leadership for their commitment to building healthier workplaces and looks forward to continuing to work together for positive change.                             

You can learn more about the EES Team and the many programs, projects and initiatives they are involved in by reviewing the EES Annual Report 17/18 here.


Health care professionals caring for our work place, our home, and the environment. The health of the environment has a significant role in influencing community and individual health. The health of the environment addresses all the physical, biological, and chemical elements external to a person.


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