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What is a health-focused response to climate change? And how are health care professionals meeting the challenge?

On November 15th, climate and health leader, Dr. Courtney Howard, will share how healthcare professionals are playing a key role in the transition to resilient and low carbon futures.

While the World Health Organization has declared climate change, one of the, "greatest health risks of the 21st century," there are many questions about how and where the health care and medical communities should respond.

Dr. Howard offers her reflections through stories from her work in the local and international climate health movement, including the recent Paris climate talks, research into health impacts of wildfires, and work in the ER of a northern community.

Join the GreenCare and the Lower Mainland Health Organizations' Green+Leaders for a presentation and dialogue about how “Health…can provide a unifying key to unlock some of the disagreements and get people on the same page.”

November 15, 12-1 pm
Presentation, Dialogue, and Q&A
Diamond Theatre
BC Cancer Research Centre
675 W. 10th Ave.

RSVP to: olive.dempsey@fraserhealth.ca.