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RRP Update: Acute & Residential sites

What’s new in the Recycling Renewal Program?

*relevant for Lower Mainland hospitals and residential care facilities only

The rigid plastics, dairy and tin stream is getting a makeover: 

It’s been renamed mixed containers.

Why the change to mixed containers?

  • Simplification of recycling streams
  • Alignment with municipal recycling programs

Mixed containers is the name currently used in municipal recycling programs in the Lower Mainland. And by including all types of metal, plastic and Tetrapak containers, it simplifies hospital recycling by reducing the number of options.

So we can now put refundable beverage containers in the mixed containers?

Yes, refundable beverage containers are now accepted in the mixed containers stream. Pop cans, bottles and Tetrapacks eligible for a refund no longer have to be separated into the refundable beverage containers bin. This means less confusion when choosing to recycle a container, as well as, less space taken up by the recycling bins on site.

Does this mean we have to get rid of our refundable beverage bin?

Not necessarily. For instance, Food Services will continue to have a refundable beverage bin. And the hospital foundations and units that have historically used the refund from the beverage containers to raise funds will continue to do so.

However, if your area doesn’t fit into the above categories, we recommend removing the refundable beverage bin. As mentioned above, recycling will be simplified with just two streams, and recycling bins will take up less space.

When will the change to mixed containers happen?

By the end of 2015, hospitals and residential care sites with rigid plastics dairy and tin signage will get mixed container signage.

If your hospital or residential care site had the Recycling Renewal Program implemented or upgraded in 2015, you already have the mixed container signage, and are able to put refundable beverage containers in the bin.

Who will make the change?

Housekeeping staff will switch all signage. If you still have rigid plastics, dairy and tin signage on your recycling bins in January 2016, please let your housekeeper know.

What is accepted in the mixed containers stream?

  • Aluminum and tin food cans, e.g. soup cans, tuna cans, bean cans, etc.
  • Aluminum cans for pop and juice
  • Bottles for isotone/buffer solution
  • Bottles for soaps, sprays and cleaning solutions
  • Bottles for sterile water and sodium chloride irrigation
  • Cavi wipe containers
  • Glass baby formula jars
  • Plastic and glass bottles for dairy and dairy substitutes (e.g. soy milk)
  • Plastic and glass food containers
  • Plastic and glass water, juice and pop bottles
  • Plastic cups for yoghurt and other dairy and dairy substitutes
  • Plastic medication cups
  • Plastic water cups
  • Tetra Pak containers for juice and other soft drinks
  • Tetra Pak for dairy and dairy substitutes

See the Recycling and Waste Segregation Guide for more information.


Contact your housekeeper or PHSC, VCH and PHC Recycling Coordinator: Sonja.janousek@fraserhealth.ca or FH Recycling Coordinator: Helen.williams@fraserhealth.ca