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Even if your commute is an active one, a full day of sitting is not your friend. However, in just a half-hour midday break you can claim a third of the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Plan a walk each day at a time that suits your work schedule and you’ve got an easy, free ‘silver bullet’ that is beneficial for stress relief and overall emotional well-being.

Good for body & mind

Decide how to work it into your daily schedule and choose a route that will give your body and mind some respite. If you work at a computer, give your eyes a break by expanding your focal range at a park or open space. If you work in a busy or clustered area, consider seeking some quiet time and space on your own. If you work alone in a cubicle, bring a friend or two along for your walk.

Make your mid-work walk break an unmissable part of each day!

If there isn’t already a regular walking group near you, consider leading a Weekly WALK: all you need is a bit of get-up-and-go.

Lead your own WeeklyWALK

  1. DECIDE to get out of your chair and walk on a regular basis.
  2. MOTIVATE - create a poster (LINK to: WeeklyWALK poster template April 2016) inviting, encouraging (…coercing?) colleagues and friends to give it a try and join in at any time.
  3. GATHER - choose a convenient time and a logical meeting place.
  4. SMILE - welcome new participants who might need little more than a friendly smile.
  5. ASK for someone to act as The HEEL. (In groups of five or more, have someone keep pace with the most leisurely walkers so that no one gets left behind.)
  6. SEEK a safe and comfortable route; use crosswalks and obey traffic signals to ensure everyone’s safety.
  7. ALLOW a variety of walking speeds; newbies need not strain to keep up with powerwalkers.
  8. REPEAT weekly, or daily.

Helpful hint:

Be consistent. Even if none of the others in your group show up on a particular day, go and enjoy that walk. You will demonstrate the reliability of your walking group.

Invite others. Download the poster here: https://bcgreencare.ca/resource/weeklywalk-poster


SHARE your stories, photos, successes, frustrations #WednesdayWALK #WeeklyWALK

Have a question? Add a comment below or connect directly with Arthur Orsini, Active Transportation Facilitator arthur.orsini@vch.ca