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Waste reduction: what we're doing at the LMHA and what you can do to help!

700 more recycling bins, and counting! 

As part of GreenCare’s Recycle Renewal program, 700 recycling bins have been added to five work sites. They are:
  • PHC - St. Paul’s Hospital and Mount St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • VCH - G.F. Strong and UBC Hospital
  • FH - Royal Columbian Hospital

With recycling bins for beverage containers, rigid plastic and tin, soft plastic and mixed paper, we can now recycle more of our waste. Clear signage and education across sites make it easy for staff to use the bins.

More bins are scheduled this fall and winter for:

  • VCH - Richmond Hospital and Lions Gate Hospital 
  • PHSA - Children’s & Women’s Hospital
  • FHA - Burnaby Hospital

Click on the Recycling Renewal Program page to find out more, or log-in and join the group to really get involved.