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Upcycle Alert! Call for Used Vinyl Banners

Upcycle Alert! Call for Used Vinyl Banners

Do you have vinyl banners that are outdated, damaged, or simply not needed?

We’re collecting banners to bring to an organization that uses them as raw material for new products, like bags. We need as many vinyl banners as possible in order to meet the minimum requirements for an order.

What Is Upcycling?

Upcycling minimizes the volume of discarded materials sent to landfill each year (in this case, your banner!). Upcycling old materials also reduces the need for producing new materials, which means less air pollution, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Energy and Environmental Sustainability team at Facilities Management will upcycle the banners into new items that we can use as giveaways and gifts at our engagement events.

We’ll Come to You!

Have an old vinyl banner that we can upcycle? Let us know and we will come take it off your hands! For the departments that donate, we will host a draw to win some of the new products.

Email us at one of the following:





Or Marianne Dawson (Sustainability Consultant) directly at Marianne.Dawson@fraserhealth.ca


photo: Do you have old vinyl banners like these that we can upcycle?