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Top 5 tips to help you prepare for the CCWC next week

Have you joined the Clean Commuter and Wellness Challenge yet? The challenge starts next week and we have 5 top tips to get you prepared. Whether you want to win great prizes, make new friends, start something healthy or just want to try something new, GreenCare has what you need to succeed.

1.Keep an eye on the weather

While the weather is expected to be mostly sunny, being prepared for BC’s changeable weather conditions will make your commute that much more enjoyable. Wear your sunglasses or hat, slather on sunscreen and stay hydrated in the sun. Have a light rain jacket on hand if you are biking or walking to keep you dry in case of showers. Wear layers if you are travelling by public transit to avoid getting too warm or overly cool when riding the bus.

2.Pack your bags

Prepare for your commute the night before, so you are not rushed in the morning. Prepare your lunch, pack your bag and set yourself up so you can head out the door when you wake up. Being ready and prepared for your commute will make it easier to get out of your car.







3.Fuel up

Having the right food throughout your day will make an active commute much easier. Bring healthy snacks such as hummus, veggies, granola or protein bars and chocolate milk to fuel you for your commute home. Prepare your snacks for the week on Sunday night so you have them ready to go in the fridge.

Also, don’t skip breakfast! The most important meal of the day will kick start your engine. Stick to light choices such as a smoothie, whole wheat toast and eggs or these tasty overnight oats which can be made ahead of time.

4.Connect with your team

Chat with you team before the week begins and find out who lives near you. If you can, team up for your commute. Having a commuting buddy will make the trip that much easier – especially if you are trying a new mode of transport for the first time. Plan a lunch date with your team at the end of each week to check-in with how you are doing and to troubleshoot any challenges.

If you are competing as an individual, ask around the office and find out who else is competing. Knowing who to talk to about your commute will make sticking to it that much easier.

5.Check in

Let us know how you are doing!

  • Follow us on Instagram @cc.wellness for inspiration and motivation and tag your photos so we can repost and share your images
  • Check out the GreenCare site for updates and resources
  • Send your commuting stories or questions to Helen.Williams@fraserhealth.ca and be featured on the GreenCare site – all week we will be featuring teams and individuals who are making a change

Get ready to get active and start your clean commute! Good luck.

What are you doing to prepare for an acrtive commute? Share you tips below.