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CCWC Shout-Out: Scooting Extraordinaire Trey Wells

A clean commute doesn’t have to happen all at once. Trey Wells, who stood out in the first week of the Clean Commuting and Wellness Challenge, shows us that little changes in how you get to work can add up to a big difference.

Q. Where do you work? What’s your role?

I am an administrative assistant at the BC Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, on the Children’s and Women’s Hospital Site in Vancouver.

Q. Why did you decide to participate in the CCWC?

I am already a green commuter, but I wanted to increase my exercise by using my bicycle more and my e-bike/scooter less. I have been inclined to bicycle only in good weather, but now I am finding a rainy ride home quite refreshing, energizing and exhilarating. I still don’t tend to bicycle to work if it’s already raining in the morning and will use my scooter instead. However, now I don’t check weather reports for the end of the day and don’t mind a wet ride home anymore. It just motivates me to ride faster and harder!

Q. Tell us about your commute.

I am fortunate to have a very easy commute that is convenient and feels safe – only 3.6km each way. When cycling, I tend to take it easy on the way to work so I don’t get too sweaty, even though I take a change of clothes and freshen up at work. Being over 50, I find it takes far too long to cool down these days. I really like to race my bike home and get my cardio up, and think its great fun when I choose a vehicle to beat. I never assume traffic can see me and always try to stay on alert.

Q. Have you been commuting by scooter for a while or is this new to you? 

I have been commuting this way for three years now, but am increasingly cycling more than scooting.

Q. Do you have any advice for other individuals participating in the challenge, or keen to try a clean/active commute?​ 

Try it, you’ll love it! Keep a little bathroom bag and fresh clothes at work for a week at a time, then it’s not a hassle every morning. It also makes it simple and easy if you have a couple standard sets of cycling/scooting wear handy. The less decisions you have to make before heading out, the easier and quicker it will be getting out the door.