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  • Zero waste questions, asked and linked to here.

  • This resource provides information about acceptable items for the following streams: Mixed Containers, Mixed Paper, Refundable Beverage Containers, Garbage, Confidential.

  • The Waste Management Space Design Guidelines provide direction for the design of LMHO hospital and residential care spaces for health care waste disposal and storage.

  • Volunteer as a Recycling Champion..

  • These Sustainability Policies for FH, PHC, PHSA, and VCH serve to renew our collective commitment to sustainability as a priority.

  • Below are a collection of educational resources that will help you better understand recycling in Lower Mainland hospitals and residential care sites:

  • Ever wonder how to correctly dispose of your glass waste?

    This resource is for healthcare staff. It explains the correct way to dispose of recyclable glass and non-recyclable glass

  • Are you looking to buy more recycling bins? recycling signage?


    Find all purchasing information in the health authority catalogues below.

  • The Energy and Environmental Sustainability team (EES) has created the "EES Design Guidelines" for new construction & major renovation projects.
  • This Recycling Renewal Program resource provides information about waste and recycling audits: what they are, why they are done and what information they provide.