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  • These Sustainability Policies for FH, PHC, PHSA, and VCH serve to renew our collective commitment to sustainability as a priority.

  • Below are a collection of educational resources that will help you better understand recycling in Lower Mainland hospitals and residential care sites:

  • This resource provides information about acceptable items for the following streams: Mixed Containers, Mixed Paper, Garbage, Confidential.

  • The Waste Container Guidelines provide the required set-up for waste containers found in health care and include:

    • Waste type
    • Required container and liner
    • End disposal
  • Are you looking to buy more recycling bins? recycling signage?


    Find all purchasing information in the health authority catalogues below.

    Catalogues last updated December 2019.

  • The Waste Management Space Design Guidelines provide direction for the design of LMHO hospital and residential care spaces for health care waste disposal and storage.

  • This RRP resources helps health care staff understand the limitations the recycling in health care.

  • When we are out visiting sites and talking to staff, we often get the question, “What happens to the recycling once it leaves our site?” Well, this document answers that question!

  • Extreme weather events multiply and amplify the impacts of climate change on health service delivery.

  • The Energy and Environmental Sustainability team (EES) has created the "EES Design Guidelines" for new construction & major renovation projects.