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  • Are you looking to buy more recycling bins? recycling signage?


    Find all purchasing information in the health authority catalogues below.

  • Applicable for Green+Leaders at health authority-owned sites, the objective of this toolkit is to improve the efficacy of the standardized recycling system. 


  • This is a simple tool to help you identify problems and priority areas in the recycling system at your site. It will also help you track progress and measure success!

  • Introduce a new recycling program at a leased site and ensure positive and long-lasting uptake!

  • Improve / expand an existing recycling program at a leased site & ensure positive uptake.

  • To eliminate the use of bottled water coolers in facilities throughout the Lower Mainland Health Authorities and encouraging a return to tap water.

  • Zero waste questions, asked and linked to here.

  • This resource provides Biomedical Waste Signage in PDF format as reference. Feel free to download documents from links (for FH employees only) or the attachments below (all Health Authority employees).

  • This resource provides information about acceptable items for the following streams: Mixed Containers, Mixed Paper, Refundable Beverage Containers, Garbage, Confidential.

  • We have 4 different posters that can help improve recycling and waste segregation. Use them in lower mainland hospitals and residential care sites to inform staff and visitors about what can and can't be accepted into recycling bins.