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  • This resource provides information about acceptable items for the following streams: Mixed Containers, Mixed Paper, Garbage, Confidential.

  • Accepted items and signage for the Mixed Containers stream (formerly Rigid Plastic, Dairy and Tin stream).

  • Accepted items and signage for the Refundable Beverage Container stream.

  • This resource provides Biomedical Waste Signage in PDF format as reference. Feel free to download documents from links (for FH employees only) or the attachments below (all Health Authority employees).

  • We have 4 different posters that can help improve recycling and waste segregation. Use them in lower mainland hospitals and residential care sites to inform staff and visitors about what can and can't be accepted into recycling bins.

  • Accepted items and signage for the Mixed Paper Stream.

  • Ever wonder how to correctly dispose of your glass waste?

    This resource is for healthcare staff. It explains the correct way to dispose of recyclable glass and non-recyclable glass