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VGH Cycling Centre - Membership Application

Interested in joining the VGH Cycling Centre?


Cyclists will have different membership options:
  • Daily Riding - annual membership for full or part-time staff or for a short-term placement at VGH
  • Casual Riding – for Summer Cyclists, Supporters (cyclists living to close or too far to bike but still wish to take advantage of the facilities, courses and tune-ups) or new riders wanting to give it a try.

Whichever membership works for you, the VGH Cycle Centre is designed to support cycle commuting, provide a social hub for VGH cyclists, encourage active and healthy lifestyle choices, reduce congestion, and improve the environment.

**Please print and complete both pages.

Questions? Please call the VGH Commuter Centre at 604‐875‐4118 or email VGHCyclingCentre (at) vch.ca.

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