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Refundable Beverage Containers

These bins are used in departments where staff want to collect containers and bring them to a depot to collect the deposit.  They are not part of the standardized Blue Bin Program.  If not collecting the deposit, please put all refundable beverage containers in the regular Mixed Containers blue bin.

Accepted in the Refundable Beverage Containers stream are bottles, cans and containers that have a deposit fee:

  • Water bottles, plastic and glass
  • Juice bottles, plastic, aluminum, Tetra Pak, and glass
  • Pop bottles, plastic, aluminum, Tetra Pak and glass

Important: all containers must be empty, rinsed clean and have the lid remove. Exception: patient tray drink cups must be recycled with foil lid still on.

For recycling bin and lid stickers and signs, please contact your Housekeeping Department.

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