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RRP: Quarterly Reports

We will post all Recycling Renewal Program (RRP): Quarterly Reports in this resource.

These reports give information on:

  • Number of sites implemented 
  • Staff Engagement: Recycling champions and housekeeping staff trained
  • Audits: Contamination rates
  • Results: Waste diversion rates (recycling rates)
  • Resources: Latest RRP resources and information posted on the GreenCare site
  • News: News stories, staff profiles and hero shout-outs!

More Information / Feedback / Comments? 

If you have any questions, please go to the Recycling Renewal Group and start a Community Discussion there. That way everyone can benefit from your question and the response. 

You can see whether someone else has started a Community Discussion that tackles your question here: https://bcgreencare.ca/lead/recycling-renewal/discussion

Or, contact the Recycling Coordinator, Sonja Janousek, at Sonja.janousek (at) fraserhealth.ca directly for more information.

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