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Actions to Reduce Contamination in Recycling Bins

This resource provides concrete actions that should be taken by staff at acute and residential care sites to reduce contamination in recycling bins. Contamination refers to both medical and garbage items, as well as, co-mingled (mixture of paper and rigid containers in the same bag) recyclables. 

  • All bins must have a sticker identifying the stream.
  • Public area recycling stations must include corresponding lids with sticker.
  • Public area recycling stations must include sign frames when there is space.
  • All recycling stations and/or containers should be paired with a garbage.
  • Create recycling stations rather than one-off recycling containers when possible.
  • Avoid placing recycling in soiled utility rooms where possible.
  • Recycling containers must not be placed directly next to bio-medical containers.
  • Only use recycling containers for their intended use.
  • Only use clear liners for recycling bins.
  • No recycling stations should be placed in high-paced areas (i.e., ED Trauma Room).
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