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2015 Environmental Performance Accountability Report (EPAR)

GreenCare’s annual, ‘Environmental Performance Accountability Report’ (EPAR) is hot off the press, providing an overview of GreenCare’s goals, targets, status and performance across Fraser Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care, and Provincial Health Services Authority.

GreenCare: A Collaborative Approach

For the fourth year, the EPAR offers a look into how the Lower Mainland Health Organizations take responsibility for their environmental impact, and has been created in context of GreenCare’s value of transparency, and GreenCare’s vision: “Transforming Health Care for a Thriving Environment of Health and Wellness..”

The EPAR is produced annually, in collaboration with other departments, to communicate to internal and external stakeholders how the various health care organizations are doing with their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint and improve organizational and environmental resiliency. The document contains welcome statements from key leadership and a performance report on the various energy and environmental sustainability goals and targets.

GreenCare: Commitment 

Working collaboratively, the GreenCare initiative was created to help the lower mainland health care organizations be better stewards of health in their natural environment, workplaces, and communities. 

The EPAR monitors performance, opportunities and highlight plans for the future, as we define the next steps in GreenCare’s journey.

Collaborative efforts are essential to GreenCare’s success. Help share this work with your colleagues and friends, get in touch and join the GreenCare Community here: www.BCGreenCare.ca

“Human and planetary health are inextricably linked. Healthy ecosystems support healthy, vibrant communities of people. As such, the health care sector has a responsibility to address our own impacts upon ecosystem health. We need to look beyond reducing our impacts on ecosystems, and create collaborations and strategies that contribute positively to healthy communities of people, and healthy ecosystems.” ~ GreenCare Environmental Sustainability Advisory (ESAC) 

View the EPAR

You can download and read the EPAR below.

Thank you & please get in touch!

Our thanks go out to all the people at our health care facilities who have been inspiring leaders in our GreenCare community. If you have any comments or questions, please log-in to the www.BCGreenCare.ca to leave a comment or contact us at greencare@fraserhealth.ca or greencare@vch.ca.

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