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2015-16 Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP) for FH, PHC, PHSA, VCH

Each year, the Energy and Environmental Sustainability team within Lower Mainland Facilities Management complete Strategic Energy Management Plan (SEMP) for the four Lower Mainland Health Organizations (LMHO) and submit it to BC Hydro.

Although each of the four LMHOs are unique in size and scale - in terms of the number and size of facilities that they operate and in the numbers of people that they serve, all are united by the need to reduce energy consumption by setting targets, monitoring emissions, and reducing energy intensity with an Energy Management Plan.

Energy Saving is a Win Win. 

Strategic Energy Management can be defined simply as taking a holistic approach to managing energy use in order to continuously improve energy performance, sustaining energy and cost savings over the long term.

The SEMPs are in-depth reports, which profile each organization, the facilities, goals and objectives, planned actions and awareness, as well as education programs, and renewable energy solutions.

Lower Mainland Health organization SEMP's

Below you will find the SEMP for each health organization to view or download.

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