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Hospitals are part of the critical infrastructure network that underpins the delivery of health services, including virtual health, in our communities of care. 

This Environmental Performance Accountability Report is voluntarily compiled by the Lower Mainland Facility Management’s (LMFM’s) Energy & Environmental Sustainability Team on behalf of the B.C.

GreenCare’s annual, ‘Environmental Performance Accountability Report’ (EPAR) is hot off

GreenCare’s annual, ‘Environmental Performance Accountability Report’ (EPAR) is hot off the press, providing an overview of GreenCare’s goals, targets, status and performance across Fraser Health, Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care, and Provincial Health Services Authority.

Each year the public sector (including Health Authorities) is required to produce a CARBON NEUTRAL ACTION REPORT detailing their annual carbon footprint and steps taken to reduce that yearly footprint and steps taken to become carbon neutral for

The current linear approach to plastic use in health care is unsustainable.

This supplement highlights eight evidence-based strategies for urban green space planning and design that integrate climate resilience and public health co-benefits.

To design and construct high performing and cost-effective health care facilities over the long term in British Columbia (BC), it is imperative to design infrastructure and building systems to be resilient to climate shocks and stresses such as extreme heat (heat waves) and warming temperatures